Personal Injury

For every injury you or your family suffers due to the fault of another person, you have a legal right to be compensated for your damages.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Cummings Manookian help people who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of others.  Common examples include automobile accidents, truck accidents, boat accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, harmful substances, and intentional actions by bad people.

What damages are recoverable in personal injury cases?

Under Tennessee law, individuals who suffer personal injuries due to the conduct of others may be entitled to damages in three broad categories: economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages.

The first category, economic damages, is intended to compensate for the measurable, out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the wrong.  These include things like medical bills and loss of income from an inability to work.  The second category, non-economic damages, consists of less objective, but just as real damages such as physical and emotional pain and suffering.  The final category, punitive damages, exists to punish the wrongdoer and serve as deterrent to future bad conduct.  While every case is unique, most personal injury cases will include one or more of the following types of damages:

  •  Medical Expenses (Economic Damages) – These damages consists of your bills and expenses arising out of treatment for the injuries you incurred.
  •  Lost Income / Lost Earning Capacity (Economic Damages) – Tennessee law allows injured plaintiffs to recover their lost income and earning capacity not only for time they were previously out of work, but also for any future periods of time where it’s reasonably certain they will remain out of work due to injuries.
  •  Physical Pain and Suffering (Non-Economic Damages) – These damages serve to compensate for the physical pain and suffering incurred as a result of your injuries, both past and future.  Burns, paralysis, ongoing back pain, and migraines are just a few examples of injuries that almost certainly entail physical pain and suffering.
  •  Emotional Pain and Suffering (Non-Economic Damages) – This category of damages serves to compensate for the emotional toll your injuries can take.  It is particularly relevant in cases where there’s been death or disfigurement.
  •  Loss of Consortium (Non-Economic Damages) – This category of damages compensates the spouse or family members of the person who has been injured or killed.

To calculate your own damages by category, please visit our Recovery Calculator.

Why Choose Cummings Manookian?

When you choose Cummings Manookian, you get Brian Cummings and Brian Manookian working directly on your case – not a junior lawyer or paralegal.   We have decades of experience in cases involving personal injuries from brain damage to paralysis arising out of incidents ranging from automobile accidents to assaults to medical malpractice.  If you or a loved one are currently struggling with a personal injury, contact the experienced attorneys at Cummings Manookian for a free and confidential consultation.  If we accept your case, we will advance all costs while working on a contingency fee basis.  You won’t pay us anything unless and until there is a settlement or judgment in your favor.

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